Developing Hayle Harbour for Hayle  


21 September 2012

The Hayle Harbour Trust has submitted an application for £1.6 million to the Coastal Communities Fund for work on East Quay and elsewhere in Hayle Harbour.

Project Outline


Refurbish the Hawkins Building

This dilapidated building, currently providing employment for only 3 people, will be renovated and upgraded to provide 3 industrial units suitable for fish processing, mussel depuration and other wet-floor activities requiring access to clean sea water.

  • It will support the creation of mussel farming and processing.
  • We will install a mezzanine floor with office space to support harbour businesses.
  • We will relocate the harbour master to provide improved facilities, better visibility of harbour operations and increased safety.
  • We will repair the harbour wharf in front of Hawkins.
  • We will have a wet fish retail facility and encourage ‘fish awareness’ activities.

 The Goal

This will create additional jobs, support down-stream activities to enhance catch value and improve the environment of the World Heritage Site (WHS). Wet fish sales will provide some support to fishermen while providing a local service and increasing awareness of local catch and support for the fishing community.

Fishermen’s Compound

  • We will provide a security-fenced compound for fishermen’s stores and workshops.
  • We will provide water and power
  • We will provide lighting and security
  • We will provide 4 containers for hire for use as workshops.

The Goal

This will protect 12 existing jobs and provide potential employment in the workshop containers.

Customs House (Former Harbour Master’s Office)

  • Having relocated the Harbour Master we will have two offices, a meeting/training room, two toilets and two storage sheds.
  • We will make the meeting room available for fishermen’s sea safety and community training.
  • We will make one office available for the Fishermen’s Association and one will be used by the Hayle Harbour Trust Ltd.
  • The training room will be available for interpretation and informational displays covering: the World Heritage Site and related history, the SSSI, Wave Hub and renewable energy and environmental issues.
  • Toilets will be available for fishermen and harbour users.
  • Storage will be available for specialist and safety equipment.

The Goal

This will provide training facilities and a base for the commercial fishing operation. There will also be permanent displays interpreting the World Heritage Site and harbour history.

This project will create 56 new jobs, protect 15, create 46 construction jobs and create over 100 indirect jobs.

east quay plan

building artists impression sea side
building artists impression inside
building artists impression land side
architects plan

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